Deadpool Team-Up #894 Revealed

Marvel editor Axel Alonso has posted the cover for Deadpool Team-Up #894, revealing that this issue will team Deadpool up with Frankencastl...

Deadpool Christmas Card From Paco Medina

Deadpool themed Christmas card that current Deadpool artist Paco Medina created. [ SOURCE ]

Fan Link Friday 12/25/2009

The following links were collected this week on Deadpool Fan Links : New Episode of “Of Mercs and Mutants” Podcast: Episode 19: The Holiday...

Cable Writer Hints at Cable and Deadpool Reunion

In CBR's latest X-Position, Cable writer Duane Swierczynski was asked if there would ever be a Cable and Deadpool reunion in the present...

COMIC: Deadpool #17 Second Printing out 12/23/2009

DEADPOOL #17 SECOND PRINTING WRITER: Daniel Way PENCILS: Paco Medina The second printing of Deadpool #17 comes out tomorrow, December 23, 2...

COMIC: Deadpool Team-Up #899 Second Printing out 12/23/2009

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #899 SECOND PRINTING COVER BY: Dalibor Talajic WRITER: Fred Van Lente PENCILS: Dalibor Talajic The second printing of Dead...

March 2010 Deadpool Comics

Marvel has released their full list of March 2010 comics, including the following Deadpool comics. Though Deadpool was in Doomwar #1, he ...

Advanced March 2010 Deadpool Comic Soliciations

CBR has posted advanced March 2010 X-Comic solicitations, including several Deadpool comics. In addition to the three ongoing books, ther...

Fan Link Friday 12/18/2009

The following links were collected this week on Deadpool Fan Links : Custom Mascot Deadpool figure from Deadpool #1 Bob’s (Agent of Hydra...

DIGITAL COMIC: Marvel Digital Holiday Special #2 out 12/16/2009

Written by: Fred Van Lente Art by: Sanford Greene The digital only comic Marvel Digital Holiday Special #2 came out today, December 16, 200...

COMIC: X-Factor #200 out 12/16/2009

X-FACTOR #200 COVER BY: Esad Ribic WRITER: Peter David PENCILS: Bing Cansino INKS: Array X-Factor #200 comes out today, December 16, 2009,...

Deadpool Appearnce in X-Factor #200

X-Factor #200 came out today, 12/16/2009, and it has been confirmed that Deadpool makes an appearance in the issue. Big thanks to rj-b who s...

Marvel Select Deadpool Figure Announced

MarvelousNews has reported that it was announced that Deadpool will be the next 7" Marvel Select figure. Included with the announcement...

Deadpool Bugle Chat

Deadpool Bugle - Fullscreen Sorry for the advertisements on this post. I am trying to maintain the cost of the chat's upgraded serv...

COMIC: Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #6 out 12/16/2009

DEADPOOL: MERC WITH A MOUTH #6 COVER BY: Arthur Suydam WRITER: Victor Gischler PENCILS: Bong Dazo INKS: Array COLORED BY: Matt Milla LETTERE...

Deadpool #18 Reviews

Flawless Hustle - A- All in all, this latest issue was solid all around – while the jokes were kept to a minimum to allow the story to fi...

Deadpool In Marvel Holiday Special Digital Comic

According to, there will be a digital only Deadpool comic in their Marvel Digital Holiday Special comic. The comic is written by...

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #6 Preview

CBR has posted a 7 page preview of Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #6, including the recap page. Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #6 comes out 12/1...

COMIC: Deadpool #18 out 12/09/2009

DEADPOOL #18 COVER BY: Jason Pearson WRITER: Daniel Way PENCILS: Paco Medina INKS: Array COLORED BY: Marte Gracia LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Sabi...

Ryan Reynolds Discusses Deadpool Costume

MTV has posted another short interview with Ryan Reynolds where he discusses the Deadpool costume in regards to the Deadpool movie. He also ...

Daniel Way Interview and Deadpool #19 Preview Art

CBR has posted a new interview with Deadpool writer Daniel Way, where he talks about the current Deadpool story arc as well as the upcoming...

RUMOR: Zombieland Writers to Write Deadpool Movie

Film blog CHUD has reported the rumor that Fox is hiring Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to write the Deadpool movie. At thi...

New Deadpool T-Shirt

Hot Topic is selling a new Deadpool t-shirt featuring art by Michael Ryan. This was originally the cover to Weapon X: First Class #2. Thank...

Ryan Reynolds Discusses Deadpool Movie Director/Writer

MTV has posted a very brief interview with Ryan Reynolds about Deadpool movie development. Reynolds discusses his ideal director, as well as...

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #7 Preview Art has posted four pages of preview art from Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #7. Some of this preview art has been previously shown by ...

Deadpool Team-Up #898 Reviews

Big thanks to Tom for collecting these reviews. The Nerdiest Kids "This isn’t as good as the last “Deadpool Team-Up” that had Hercul...

COMIC: Deadpool Team-Up #898 out 12/03/2009

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #898 COVER BY: Humberto Ramos WRITER: Mike Benson PENCILS: Carlo Barberi INKS: Juan Vlasco Deadpool Team-Up #898 comes ou...

COMIC: X-Force Annual out 12/03/2009

X-FORCE ANNUAL #1 COVER BY: Jason Pearson WRITER: Robert Kirkman Craig Kyle Christopher Yost PENCILS: Carlo Barberi Jason Pearson INKS: Jaso...


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