Rick Remender Discusses Uncanny X-Force

CBR has posted an interview with Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Remender where he discusses the new series. In the interview he discusses Dead...

CBR has posted an interview with Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Remender where he discusses the new series. In the interview he discusses Deadpool's role in the team.
"I don't want to give too much away, but it was Warren's idea. I don't think Wolverine is excited about it. One of the downsides of having a co-leader is that you have to compromise. There's not one simple vision for things," Remender explained. "I think that can be quite beneficial, but in this case, I think that Warren's reason for bringing Deadpool into the group is probably going to play a big enough role in this story that I should probably hold back on it. Beyond his abilities to go out and 'make the murder,' Deadpool has other skills that I believe Warren values. We'll see that play out in the coming arcs."

... "The way I'm using Deadpool in the first arc is that he's the guy in the field. He's doing the detective work trying to uncover the next big threat. Warren's thinking is that, on one hand, he's got the right man on the job. On the other, it keeps Deadpool off the streets and out of trouble."

... "I think that a lot of the lunacy of the character, which is a real joy to write, is born of what most humor is, and that's a need for acceptance. I know some other writers may disagree with that, but I think anybody, if they're insane or not, who is constantly riffing and constantly making jokes has a very visible need for acceptance. We all have that, on some level,it's not necessarily a negative attribute. It's just a very prominent one in Deadpool, and his dynamic within this team is one of acceptance. Deadpool was never officially a weapon in the Weapon Plus program. He was a reject. He was never officially an X-Man, but he's officially part of the 'Uncanny X-Force.' This is Logan and Warren's X-Men team. Deadpool has been brought in and made part of this family. I think that really opens up the character for an exploration of humanity. That's the stuff I like to write."


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