Uncanny X-Force #1 Reviews

Below are a collection of reviews for Uncanny X-Force #1. Please send in any additional reviews not included in this list. iFanboy In an a...

Below are a collection of reviews for Uncanny X-Force #1. Please send in any additional reviews not included in this list.

In an age of hype and books that don't stick around, Uncanny X-Force #1 shows that not only can you still be innovative and exciting within an X-Comic, but you can also start something new that, hopefully, will be around for a long while.

IGN - 90/10
I'm usually reluctant to declare a new series to be my favorite piece of a franchise so soon. However, given the quality on display in Uncanny X-Force, that's not a knee-jerk reaction. Remender and Opena have gotten Uncanny X-Force off to a thrilling start, and this is only the beginning of what looks to be a very memorable run. That's something new and old X-Men fans alike should be able to agree on.

Still, even if it feels like a key ingredient has gone missing, there is a lot to like about Uncanny X-Force, just on a craft level alone. There aren't enough books on the stands right now that have a writer and an artist that feel on equal ground, that can challenge and promote each other to the next level. Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña are one of those teams. Yeah, it isn't going to blow up the Marvel Universe — at least, not yet — but this book has just jumped to my number-one pick of the X-Men stable. Buy it.

Comics Bulletin - 4.5/5
Overall, this issue went a great way to ease the initial trepidations that many readers may have had going into the new direction. It also established that both Deadpool and Fantomex can be intriguing and captivating when written as they were by Remender. The character interactions were phenomenal, and I love how they bounced off one another regardless of the mood or situation. It had a great flow and a steady consistency.

A Comic Book Blog - 90/100
I know it’s another #1 and that there are like 47 gimmick covers that come with a new #1, but the book itself looks great. (Surprisingly, the Liefeld cover sucked.) I’m can’t wait to see what’s next. That’s my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.

Weekly Comic Book Review - B-
While Remender certainly has plenty of wrinkles to his story that need ironing out, the potential to be found here is still enough to keep me reading, at least for the first arc. Opena’s artwork definitely helps make this title appealing and I’m eager to see where this creative team is able to take our anti-heroes next month.

Major Spoilers - 4/5
Overall, Uncanny X-Force #1 is a strong debut. It sets the stage expertly, establishing each character’s reason for being on the team, while reintroducing an old villain in a way that’s both surprising and chilling. The last page sets up a cliffhanger that guarantees I’ll be reading more. And it is so very, very pretty to look at. I can’t get over how excellently Jerome Opeña draws the costumes.

Pop Dose
There are lots of X-Men books on the stands right now, in almost any flavor and style you could want. Remender and Opeña’s Uncanny X-Force hopefully will be the the “action story” one. Issue #1 doesn’t have mutants sitting around, bemoaning their existence. It doesn’t have any metaphysical journeys into the mind of a character, in an attempt at some kind of self discovery. It doesn’t have any do gooders trying to live in a bad world. What it has are 5 mutants who know how to fight and how to kill, fighting and killing the bad guys. Sometimes, that’s all you really need to enjoy yourself.

Cosmic Book News
Great characters, great writing and great art make this the best relaunch of any of the X-books and I cannot wait until Remender really cuts loose with the characters he has chosen for the all-new Uncanny X-Force!

CBR - 4.5/5
From the first issue, it looks like “Uncanny X-Force” might be a success, and it certainly deserves at least as long a run as its immediate predecessor. Despite the presence of Wolverine and Deadpool, Marvel’s most over-exposed duo, this book feels like something you don’t get elsewhere: an ensemble team book with strong fundamentals and a clear idea of where it’s going. Let’s hope the next issue keeps up this level of quality.


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