Fan Reviews: Deadpool MAX #5, Venom/Deadpool: What If?, Uncanny X-Force #5

Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle readers at . Please note, reviews may contain spoilers. Deadpool ...

Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle readers at Please note, reviews may contain spoilers.

Deadpool MAX #5

Reviewer: poolshostage
Score: 10/10
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best issue so far it was amazing! you know that feeling you have when your mom gives you something and you start to tear up because it's so specal well thats this issue mixed with blood and action. great issue the only thng i don't like about any issue of max is the continuity so issue one added to 2 was ok and 2 to 3 explained why he was after zemo 4 had no explanation to why they first went to the party and 5 now we got domino coming in and nothing about her in number5 we wait till 6 to see her randomly pop in anyways loved this issue sad to see this series go.

Venom/Deadpool: What If?

"Reviewer: pnkwag
Score: 4/10
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If you didn't already buy this and read it, my advice would be to skip it.

First off, the story itself was pretty bad. Had nothing to do with Deapool having a symbiote or merging with Venom. It was basically just an alternate universe Deadpool story, which was fairly uninteresting.

There were some mildly funny bits, though. For example, it takes place on Earth 615.9, rather than Earth 616, and they make a few jokes about how 615.9 is the one we should really be paying attention to and all. Also, all the talk and references to continuity and it's "importance" was kind of clever.

The art wasn't bad either.

All in all though, pretty disappointing book.

Reviewer: poolshostage
Score: 6/10
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this was ok not what i was expecting this is deffinetly not the rick remender who writes uncanny x force so it was pretty stupid.

Uncanny X-Force #5

Reviewer: dpjunior
Score: 10/10
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Great issue, perfect interpretation of charecters by the writer, great artwork, great story, is there anything I missed? After the recent Deadpool apperances in comics i almost forgot what he was like under that mask, as Wade Wilson a guy with a conciousness.

Must have for every DP fan and a good jump on point for new readers alike.

Remender is our new Kelly.

Reviewer: poolshostage
Score: 7/10
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so is it just me or are comics becoming really short to read ever sense deadpool 29 i been feeling this. so this is the first part of deathlok nation and it was good the cover explains exactly what happens the only downside to this is it's a fantomex issue maybe the rest of the team is on like 4 pages i like fantomex but this was all him what i did like was the friction between wolverine and deadpool it was powerful stuff and how angel disagreed with what wolverine said about deadpool anyways good issue probably one of the best books on the stands now. were only 5 issues in you still have a chance to get every issue.


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