Fan Reviews: Deadpool Team-Up #885

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #885 Written by Rick Spears Art by PhilIP Bond Cover by Humberto Ramos Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle r...

Written by Rick Spears
Art by PhilIP Bond
Cover by Humberto Ramos

Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle readers at Please note, reviews may contain spoilers.

Reviewer: Cap'n Kirk
Score: 1/10
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Holy crap, this is the worst single issue of any Deadpool comic that has ever been printed. As a 'Pool fan who owns EVERY issue of EVERY Deadpool comic (including most guest appearances, & the entire run of Agent X), I can say that with dead certainty. I can't say at what point the rest of the comic fan world became fascinated by Deadpool (and deservedly so), but the influx of random writers & artists has totally ruined him, & this issue represents the depths to which this character has sunk. Joe Kelly & Walter McDaniel, whose incredible & strangely insightful run on the original Deadpool monthly through issue 26 or so, would be turning over in their graves if they read this... and if they were dead. Apparently, someone thinks the best dramatic foil for a wisecracking merc who WILL NOT shut up is a vampiric cow that can only say "moo." Why this person is being paid to have these ideas is beyond me. And, not content with 'Pool's classic use of breaking the 4th wall, they have him cutting through the pages of his own comic book to try to communicate with himself. Somehow, I understand that the intent was to be funny, but that was an epic fail. A couple issues of Team Up have been pretty good. The Living Colossus was good, and Thor, & Hercules were decent. But if this issue with Hellcow is any indication of where the title was going, thank God it's canceled. I had to pick this issue up for my collection, but I hope you avoid it at all costs.

Reviewer: Capo_Del_Bandito
Score: 6/10
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While we're not supposed to take these Team-Ups seriously, they are a rather weird side trip through the Marvel U. That said, I can forgive the nerdy mess ups (Superpowered folks in the 616 have MGH, Mutant Growth Hormone, even the mystically empowered folks like Spider-Girl) and the lack of a central plot really.

The jokes were hit or miss, and I do admit I have a soft spot for internet humor thrown in. The weirdness of Hell Cow is different, and though I have never read Howard the Duck, I figure it's supposed to be that way. The captions weren't used to excess, and the 4th Wall destroying (literally) was a bit too over the top.

Quick, a small plot (which is still something we don't see that often in the main series), and nudist mad scientists. Not godawful, but at least an attempt, set in the weird elsewheresville of the 616.

Though the question that stayed with me even after finishing was "Would an undead bovine still lactate?". Thought provoking.

6/10 for a few good jokes, silly but obviously not meant to be canon I'd imagine. Worth a glance if you've got time to kill.


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