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DEADPOOL #33.1 Written by Daniel Way Penciled by BONG DAZO Cover by DAVE JOHNSON Special Point One issue. START READING with this Poin...

Written by Daniel Way
Penciled by BONG DAZO

Special Point One issue.
START READING with this Point One issue. Deadpool has risen to prominence, thanks to the immense talent of Daniel Way. And if you haven’t been reading Deadpool, now is the time to delve into the Merc With A Mouth’s twisted world! The Wrecker, an immensely powerful psychopath, is on the loose and wreaking havoc. There’s only one person to call…Deadpool!
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Reviewer: Rooster
Score: 8/10
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This is a solid issue by Daniel Way and Bong Dazo. Way does what he does best and offers a charming, short, self-contained story with enough laughs and action to keep it an enjoyable read. The visual storytelling is charming, detailed and smooth.

One personal point of contention is the absolutely redundant re-cap page which doesn’t serve the new reader. The page is heavily laborious and bland while not adding anything to the introduction of the character which takes place at length on the next page. There is also another disjointed point mid-action where briefly Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to tell us - this is a flashback.

Deadpool’s extortion, double crossing, lack of social cues and hostage taking are well timed and endearing. The humour is riotous while remaining well-grounded and far from over-the-top slap-stick.

People who enjoy the current series will not be disappointed as this issue promises to be above standard fare. Readers who desire a deeper more sweeping epic should look elsewhere as Deadpool 33.1 is a light hearted, hilarious and un-impactful issue.

Reviewer: Capo_Del_Bandito
Score: 4/10
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Well color me surprised. A Daniel Way written comic that attempts the conventional steps of a plot.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great by any standard insofar as a story goes. But Way actually had a story thought out here. It wasn't original in the least, nor any special 'spin' put on it and seemed just sorta thrown together, but it has an expository stage, a build up and a climax/twist, and it ends with some decent resolution.

I can't rag too hard on him for being unoriginal as there are no original stories, but the setup, the ending, etc, are cliched. The action itself was over the top (seemingly on purpose) and it ends up being silly. Chainguns and belts of ammo is just silly and unneeded unless it's a what if story.

Deadpool's thought process seems natural and doesn't seem to jump around, so that's a decent change of pace, bit it's still very 'un-deadpool'. On the other hand, the Wrecker's attitude, though he's a thug who has taken women and teenage hostages in the past, his attitude could be believable given that he is just a guy from wherever, and a thug, not a heartless mass murderer.

While not a 'must read' or even noteworthy, it is a surprising change of pace and style from Daniel Way, who normally just tosses elements into a mix, hits 'high' on the blender and serves as is. Maybe he's been taking some night classes?

At least it can be seen he can do something resembling a plot, even if it's uninspired, not very engaging, and not very appealing. It's maybe worth a glance if you're a Deadpool fan. If not, it's not face stabbingly bad, but you'll find yourself 'why do I care about this and what's going on?'.

Reviewer: Rich Cloud
Score: 6/10
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The new point one series has been introduced to invite new readers jump into established books but with this Deadpool incarnation it’s difficult to know who it is aimed at.

Most of the time I enjoy Ways handling of Deadpool (current Deadpool in space saga excluded) and he did get a good grip on the fundamentals of Wilson in this book. Not the same character from the glory days or even some of the better one shots but reflective of the current characterization.

Something Way has done a lot in this current volume is using some of the more surreal foes (Grizzly, Tiger Shark etc.) and so Wrecker fits in here in terms of the storyline but the attitude of the character is quite the departure. There is no real explanation for why he takes the actions he does. Wrecker seems to have been used more as an icon rather than the need for his particular personality or weaponry.

The artwork is fine, I enjoyed the placement on the penultimate two panels and there was some nicely put together fight sequences. The retooled recap page however is disappointing and lazy. It is not helped by the dull jokes.

The downside of this book would be a lack of a compelling story and really doesn’t reflect the current main Deadpool story arc. The highlights of this book are some great lines, a nice ending to a complete story at a lower price which in a Deadpool saturated market is always appreciated.

Reviewer: DeadpoolFool
Score: 4/10
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Oh boy where to start.

Well first off all, this isn't as bad as some of Daniel Way's other stuff. I'm not a huge hater of Daniel Way (I enjoyed the Vampire arc, The Bullseye arc, and his Wolverine Origins arc) but I do dislike most of his stuff. Although he has really gotta get rid of those fact 90% of the time the voices could easily be replaces with an Internal monologue and we'd still get the same effect.

This book however just wasn't really all that interesting. I think Bong Dazo's art was the best part. Bong Dazo has this great cartoony style that fits Deadpool down to a tee, i`ll buy anything with his name on it. It's just a feast for the eyes, and I love it.

The story however isn't that good. I only chuckled once and that was when Deadpool realized he was in a flashback. I can't remember the last time Deadpool broke the forth wall in Daniel Way's book, so it was nice seeing that happen.

Although it just kinda goes nowhere, and serves no purpose. I don't know if every .1 issue has been like that, but I don't like it. I strongly believe that you can't tell a good enough story in just one issue. You need at least two to get everything you need. One issue stories always seem to be cramped together, or missing something important like character development or tension.

One issue stories can only work when it's just good old fun but good old fun can only get you so far. Daniel Way lives off stories that are supposed to be good old fun, and that's not good when you're writing an ongoing. We need some character driven stories, and we need some quickly.

This wasn't a terrible issue, but it certainly isn't as bad as the Hit-Monkey arc or the Pirate arc.

Reviewer: Gabriel Zero
Score: 9/10
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I would like to say that I am reviewing this book from the eyes of someone who is reading Deadpool for the first time. My reason for doing this is because that is what the "point one" books are geared toward. In my opinion the story featured in this point one book does it's job of introducing new readers to the world of Deadpool. Keep in mind only so much story telling can be done in a twenty something page "one shot" filled with two page spreads. But in essence it touches on some keynotes, such as Deadpool isn't without his own brand of justice and heroic good deeds.

Danie Way's Deadpool is a pretty decent amalgamation of previous incarnations established by Deadpool creator Fabian Nicieza and Joe Kelly who wrote Deadpool back in the 90's. Daniel Way also brings some unique comedy to the character, without making him any less interesting or humorous. While I personally prefer the way Fabian Nicieza portrayed Deadpool in the Cable and Deadpool series, I still think Daniel Way's book is really funny and creative.

The reason I'm not giving the book a perfect score, is because I found Daniel Way's earlier books more impressive. His early issues featuring the Thunderbolts and the Secret Invasion had me laughing hysterically. Even his more serious stories like issue #15 had proved to critics and fans that he knew the essence of Deadpool's character. That is why I am slightly disappointed that Daniel Way didn't raise the bar with this stand alone story. However I have high hopes for his next arc, which is why I am glad I stuck with this series till it's end.

Three cheers for Daniel Way. =)

Reviewer: MentosMan
Score: 7/10
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This book was not bad. The writing is still that Daniel Way style of, almost being good, but still seeming immature, but the story is a good deadpool story. I hate to say it, but Way seemed to have actually got the character this time. Being hired to do something, that isn't exactly "ethical" we'll say, and then after learning the whole story does the noble thing, and after doing the noble things, kills more people savagely. That Yin and Yang philosophy of doing things for the good of peole, but still murdering countless people without remorse. I dont know what Flaki is, but I have a feeling that it has tofu in it. anyways, back to the point. The story is good, and it gets the character but the pacing is confusing as hell, and that's where this comic falls. A good chunk of the comic is actually a flashback, but we aren't told that till its over which is disorienting and confusing, and it is this way simply for a joke. There are better ways to do flash backs Daniel, and they usually start with us knowing that they are flash backs! All in all, not a bad issue, and considering its a one-shot, I recommend it to pretty much anyone.

Reviewer: Ratbag
Score: 6/10
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Daniel Way is certainly in his comfort zone with this one. Way, who hasn't managed to give Deadpool a story arc exceeding four issues since Wolverine Origins, is perfectly suited for these one-shot stories. He is, contrary to popular opinion, an adept writer that is able to tie up his own convoluted story lines nicely, albeit often cutting a few corners and ignoring a few minor details in doing so. His dialogue is sharp and witty, and his characterization of Deadpool and his many idiosyncrasies is interesting enough to keep me coming back month after month. Where he fails to live up to such high praise as being referred to as an "immense talent" though, is his inability, or outright refusal, to develop the character between his various "wacky" exploits. Joe Kelly always had a few different balls in the air that he could revisit in overlapping storylines (even though a handful of them were rather "ho hum"), and Way could do well to take a page from his book* and try to weave a more complex story himself.

That being said, on to this issue:
Bong Dazo is a hack. There, I said it. So sue me. I've hated his art since MWAM, which was the worst part of a series that I felt was bad across the board. Liefeld gives everybody narrow pinched noses, Dazo gives everybody swollen alcoholic sausage noses. Give me some middle ground, people!

Way does what Way does best: makes a ridiculous storyline full of flashbacks, dueling inner monologues, plot twists, a not-so-subtle-or-easy-to-grasp break of the fourth wall, and ties it all up with a punchy ending. Which I like. I realize that he's trying to appeal to a new audience with this one, and having to explain Deadpool's many quirks that he's written into him while also working through a one-and-done storyline that has to be engaging enough to bring people back next month. All and all, I think he pulled it off rather well.

Art: 3/10
Story: 8/10

*Of course, I don't mean this literally. I feel as though it's necessary to make that clarification, considering Way actually took a page from a Christopher Priest issue to serve as his recap page.

Reviewer: NewDil4EVER
Score: 5/10
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Uninteresting, but still enjoyable. Deadpool faces off with the Wrecker and "comedy" ensures. I also loved the little foreign old lady and the cat who made random appearances.

It did have a two-page spread of action and carnage, so I'm a little impressed. Also, it sucks that we didn't get a preview for Deadpool's future adventures, but since we see enough of him, that doesn't surprise me.

Not a good Point One issue, but a decent Deadpool issue.

Reviewer: pooly
Score: 7/10
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A good but confusing story, this renewed my faith in Way. Deadpool in space is just plain wrong. But, Deadpool fighting the Wrecker and learning of Flaki is just plain right. I loved how they put the little notes on the Wrecker on the title page. I almost laughed out loud, it was so funny! Also, the old woman was pretty interesting, too. A fun read, but don't go out of your way to pick it up.


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