Cullen Bunn Confirms Two New Deadpool Miniseries in 2015

In the latest episode of Dewoh’s “Let’s Get Graphic with Marcus Jay”, Cullen Bunn confirmed that he ...

In the latest episode of Dewoh’s “Let’s Get Graphic with Marcus Jay”, Cullen Bunn confirmed that he is working on two new Deadpool miniseries that will most likely come out in 2015. Excerpts from the episode are below, via bleeding cool. [SOURCE]
Well, I thought my time with Deadpool was done. After I finished Deadpool Vs.Carnage I contacted my editor and I said ‘what’s next on the Deadpool docket?’ Marvel had a couple of Deadpool series in the works… Peter David is doing one… and there’s… Deadpool Vs. Hawkeye and there’s Deadpool Vs. X-Force… So all of those were kinda in the works so kinda figured my time with Deadpool was done…. But since that time I have already started working on two new Deadpool mini series… I can’t really tell you what they are but art started rolling in on the first of the two and the second of the two will be out sometime next year. I think both of these will be out next year. The one will probably be early in 2015 and the other will start a little bit later.

I think they’ll be a lot of fun…again I can’t…I don’t wanna… not to spoil anything but one of them is something I pitched to Marvel right after I finished Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe and it just wasn’t the right time to do it…and then they came back…and said ‘hey, would you be interested in doing a book you know with this… called this…’ and I was like ‘you do remember that I pitched this to you right?!’ So of course I wanna do it.


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