Friday, September 19, 2014

Fabian Nicieza Hints at Future Deadpool Project

While tweeting about the Deadpool movie news, Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza hinted at other exciting Deadpool news for him, which was further confirmed by an exchange with current writer Gerry Duggan. Nothing has been officially announced yet.

First Look at Deadpool Art of War #1

Marvel has provided the following advanced preview of Deadpool Art of War #1 which comes out 10/15/2014.
DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 Rewrites the Book on Combat This October!
It’s been called the definitive work on military strategy and tactics. Sun Tzu’s seminal Art of War has influenced warfare for hundreds of years. From battlefields to Boardrooms and beyond, there has never been a work more important when it comes to strategy and preparation. Until now! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 – the first chapter in a new 4-issue limited series adapting its classic and iconic namesake! from New York Times Bestselling writer Peter David (All-New X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk) and fan-favorite artist Scott Koblish (Deadpool)!

The Merc With a Mouth knows a thing or two about combat and tactics, and he’s gearing up to write his own version of Art of War. It’s in the public domain so it’s totally ripe for being ripped off. Times change, and today we have heat seeking missiles and automatic machine guns so how accurate can the original book really be?

Only it’ll take more than a great book if Deadpool wants to outsell the original. His plan? Cause enough war and chaos around the globe so that they’ll have to buy his book! Though he’ll get more than he bargained for when the Asgardians, Avengers, X-Men and more get involved. Be there when military strategy takes a gigantic leap forward in DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 this October!

Written by PETER DAVID
Art & Cover by SCOTT KOBLISH
Variant Cover by CHRIS BURNHAM (AUG140883)
FOC – 09/22/14, On-Sale 10/15/14

Deadpool #35 Preview

Marvel has provided the following preview of Deadpool #35, which comes out next week on 9/24/2014.
• Our wall-crawling hero is stalked by a classic SPIDER-SLAYER!
• Wait. This isn’t a Spider-Man book.
• What is a Spider-Slayer doing here???

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