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1. As someone new to the character 'Deadpool', where should I start with in terms of stories? by Capo Del Bandito Deadpool Classi...

1. As someone new to the character 'Deadpool', where should I start with in terms of stories?
by Capo Del Bandito

Deadpool Classic #1 contains Deadpool's first apperance, his first two Mini-series, and the 1st issue of his ongoing. In this TPB you get to see Deadpool's earliest beginnings in the Marvel Universe (not including cameos and guest appearances) and his first ongoing. Subsequent volumes (for now) contain Joe Kelly's run on the first ongoing Deadpool series.

2. What is Deadpool's 'True Origin'?
by Capo Del Bandito

Subject of great debate among fans (and even some of the writers), there is no clear cut answer as to who Deadpool was before the Weapon X Program. The first attempt to give Deadpool a history before his mercenary days was in the ongoing, written by Joe Kelly. Kelly had been building up a rivalry with another mercenary named T-Ray, and it was going to be revealed that 'Wade Wilson' was a schoolteacher turned happily married man, until the man who would be 'Deadpool' came across the couple. Besides T-Ray revealing these memories to him, he brought back Mercedes Wilson, the wife of Wade. it is revealed Deadpool had no memory of how they met, nor even a life with Mercedes, and that Deadpool was a failure of a mercenary known as 'Jack' who was jealous of Wade and Mercedes Wilson, and killed Wade, taking his name, and accidentally killed Mercedes. The actual reveal was rushed due to Joe Kelly leaving the comic, and quickly churned out a reveal and Deadpool's acceptance of who he used to be.

The next mention of Deadpool's origins is by Frank Tieri and Buddy Scalera in the 'Funeral for a Freak' arc. After having his 'personalities' ripped from him by T-Ray, wielding the 'Gemini Star', Deadpool breaks the Star and his personalities are absorbed by T-Ray who goes catatonic from the experience. When all is said and done, Deadpool reveals that since all of his personality was absorbed by T-Ray, that he (T-Ray) was never the real Wade Wilson after all. This makes little to no sense as whoever Deadpool may have been, Wade Wilson or 'Jack', his personality was still his own, and T-Ray would have gone catatonic no matter what due to Deadpool's quite abnormal personalities being forced upon him.

After Cable 'heals' Deadpool's mind, Deadpool reveals that after a rough childhood, he drops out of school, joins the military before being dishonorably discharged and went straight to mercenary work. This of course would fit in perfectly with the concept of his being "Jack".

Later in that same series, T-Ray kidnaps Sandi and Outlaw to draw Deadpool in and they trade banter back and forth about the 'real' Deadpool. Deadpool makes the case that since T-Ray doesn't have a healing factor he can't be Deadpool (which is neither here nor there). With his 'mental hiccups' cured by Cable, Deadpool reveals that he remembers signing up for the military as Wade Winston Wilson, and that T-Ray's memory projection showed Deadpool in his traditional Red and Black suit (with no mask) and that he didn't 'become Deadpool' until after the Weapon X incident. By the end of this series, however, it's left up to whoever is currently writing Deadpool to choose the appropriate origin story, per Deadpool's words.

2. What Deadpool comics are currently being published?
as of December 2010
Since the end of the Cable and Deadpool series in early 2008, there has been an explosion of Deadpool comics being published in ongoing series, miniseries, and one-shots.

Ongoing Series:
Deadpool - (9/2008 - Present) The main Deadpool series written by Daniel Way.
Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth - (7/2009 - 7/2010) Originally an ongoing series written by Victor Gischler that focused on one event in more depth, but was cancelled after 13 issues. This series spun off the Deadpool Corps ongoing series.
Deadpool Team-Up - (11/2009 - 3/2011) An ongoing series featuring a different creative team each issue and teaming Deadpool up with a different character from the Marvel universe. The series was cancelled after 17 issues (#899 - #883)
Deadpool Corps - (4/2010 - 3/2011) A spinoff from the Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth series, featuring a team of different Deadpools from other dimensions together in outer space. This series is written by Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth writer Victor Gischler. The series was cancelled after 12 issues.
Deadpool MAX - (10/2010 - Present) A re-imagining of Deadpool by David Lapham under Marvel's MAX line for adult reader and contains explicit content. The series has been cancelled after 12 issues.
Uncanny X-Force - (10/2010 - Present) While not strictly a Deadpool comic, Deadpool is part of the current X-Force team. The series is being written by Rick Remender.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings - A 5 issue miniseries written by Mike Benson and Adam Glass set in the main Marvel Universe
Prelude to Deadpool Corps - A 5 issue miniseries by Victor Gischler that setup the Deadpool Corps series.
Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War - A 4 issue miniseries that by Duane Swierczynski published under the Marvel Knights line that re-imagines Deadpool.
Deadpool Pulp - A 4 issue miniseries by Mike Benson and Adam Glass that re-imagines Deadpool in the 1930s.

The number of one-shots and appearances continues to grow. All comic releases with Deadpool can be found in this list: Previous Deadpool Appearances

4. Complete List of Deadpool Appearances
Started by Capo Del Bandito
This list is to the best of our knowledge. Please send an email if if there are appearances that are missing.

New Mutants 98
New Mutants 99
New Mutants 100
X-Force 1
X-Force 2
X-Force 3
Spider-Man 16
X-Force 4
X-Force 5
X-Force 10
X-Force 11
Nomad 4
X-Force 14
X-Force 15
X-Force 21
X-Force 22
X-Force 23
The Circle Chase 1
The Circle Chase 2
The Circle Chase 3
The Circle Chase 4
Avengers 366
Silver Sable & The Wild Pack 23
The Secret Defenders 15
The Secret Defenders 16
The Secret Defenders 17
Deadpool 1
Deadpool 2
Deadpool 3
Deadpool 4
Silver Sable & The Wild Pack 30
Wolverine 88
Wolverine Annual ‘95
X-Force 46
X-Force 47
X-Force 56
Deadpool 1-6
Deadpool -1
Deadpool 7
Deapool 8
Daredevil/Deadpool Annual ‘97
Deadpool 9
Deadpool 10
X-Force 71
Deadpool 11
Deadpool 12 (Both Covers)
Deadpool 13
X-Force 73
Deadpool 14-15
X-Force 76
Heroes For Hire 10-11
Deadpool 16-17
Deadpool/Death Annual 98
Deadpool 18-22
Deadpool 0
Deadpool Team-Up
Baby’s First Deadpool
Deadpool 23-31
Contest of Champions II 1-5
Deadpool 32-33
Wolverine Annual ‘99
Deadpool 34-37
X-Force 100
Deadpool 38-39
Gambit 17-19
Deadpool 40-42
Deadpool 43
Black Panther 22
Deadpool 44
Black Panther 23
X-Men Unlimited 28
Wolverine 154
Wolverine 155
Deadpool 45-53
Deadpool 54-69
Taskmaster 1-4
Agent X 1-15
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: 1 (Agent X 1 Page)
Cable Deadpool 1-10
X-Force (Second Series) 4-5
Cable Deadpool 11-25
Cable Deadpool 26-29
Civil War Files (Cable Deadpool Pages)
Cable Deadpool 30-32
Civil War Battle Damage Report (Cable Deadpool Pages)
Cable Deadpool 33-39
White Tiger 5
Cable Deadpool 40-42
Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun 1
Cable Deadpool 43-50 (46 Zombie Variant included)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition 25 (Deadpool File)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004 (Deadpool File)
Deadpool Almost Destroys the Marvel Universe (Rough Draft and script) This comic was not published!
Heroes Reborn Remnants
Identity Disc 1-5
Exiles 5
Exiles 6
Exiles 12
Exiles 13
Exiles 66
Exiles 67
Exiles 68
Superman/Batman Annual
Ultimate Spider-Man 91-96
X-Calibre 1-4
Wolverine Origins: 21-25 (Skrull Variant Included)

Appearances after this can be found here: Previous Deadpool Appearances


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