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With the recent news that Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth is ending, the launch of several ongoing series, miniseries, and appearances, there...

With the recent news that Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth is ending, the launch of several ongoing series, miniseries, and appearances, there has been a lot of discussion about Deadpool being overused, or just being used to make Marvel money. In an effort to give fans all the facts, the following information has been collected from Diamond Distributors sales records. The sales numbers only include first printings, and only sales in the month of release. Miniseries, one-shots, or appearances are not counted either. All data via [SOURCE]

Ongoing Series Sales
All three ongoing series are suffering from declining sales. Deadpool is the only series that had sales growth, but those numbers have dropped and Deadpool #20 is the lowest selling issue to date.


Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth

Deadpool Team-Up

Deadpool Appearances Sales
There have been many comments that Marvel is inserting Deadpool into series to make the series sell better. To try and analyze that thought, the sales information for several series where Deadpool made an appearance were collected. The data includes three issues prior to Deadpool, and three issue after Deadpool. In all three graphs a red dot indicates a Deadpool appearances.

Thunderbolts #130 and #131

Ms Marvel #40 and #41

Amazing Spider-Man #611
The only series that showed a noticeable increase was Thunderbolts, but the issue was also a Dark Reign tie-in, so it isn't clear if Deadpool is the sole source of the increase. When compared to the average of pre/post issues, the sales increase for Deadpool appearances isn't clear:
Thunderbolts: 17.90%
Ms Marvel: 0.61%
Amazing Spider Man: -0.04%

There are several upcoming or recent appearances that might better serve looking at the Deadpool effect on Sales, but until that data isn't available yet.

 The real point of this is to give fans all the information, not to draw a definitive conclusion. Some trends that can be seen is that the sales of individual Deadpool books are dropping, but keep in mind that Deadpool went from having one series, to three. This means that even though sales are dropping, the total number of Deadpool titles being sold is still very high. The chart below shows the total number of issues sold per month of the three ongoing series. Note that in some months multiple issues were released, or one book wasn't released at all during that month.


SALES 1613306038609854665


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