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DEADPOOL #33 Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by CARLO BARBERI Cover by DAVE JOHNSON Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle reader...

Written by DANIEL WAY

Below are reviews submitted by Deadpool Bugle readers at Please note, reviews may contain spoilers.

Reviewer: Capo Del Bandito
Score: 2/10
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With a pointless opening, and the obligatory Star Wars joke (you know since the villain is a moon, that it was going to be in this arc somewhere), we move into some of the weakest for foreshadowing I've come across in recent years. Actually I'm not even sure you'd call this foreshadowing since it goes from the 'need this done' to Deadpool in the next page.

What follows is mindless fighting, really bland jokes, and Deadpool trying to build up his 'cred'. Of course, this is all pointless as I doubt people on Earth are going to hear about Deadpool shooting nameless aliens in a part of space no one seems to recognize. Given that, the villain that's been created, and the fact that Deadpool has sex with the fat alien chick, I'm thinking this is heading towards irrelevant/barely canon mode now.

Even though they're different jobs/adventures, taking Deadpool into space for wacky adventures with aliens and things that will in no way affect the earth or 616 at all really, it seems a riff off of Priest's run. But the fact that we end up with Deadpool being stupid on purpose, in a bikini, makes me think he's trying to emulate/copy Nicezia's Deadpool.

Overall, the much lessened use of voices is a nice piece. But the *everything* fitting together JUST the right way is just stretching the suspension of disbelief. It's a comic book sure. But Way promised way back when he started that he was trying to make Deadpool 'relevant' in the 616 again and thrusting him into the middle of stuff. This mindless trip into space which serves no tangible purpose, nor real plot in mind. Between the pointless trip here into space, emulating other Deadpool writer's styles, and bland jokes and mindless action, it's pretty much par for the course for Daniel Way.

I will admit he is trying to be 'creative', but it's just like the Hit Monkey arc: It's over the top, has no balance, pacing or anything worth reading unless you like nothing but silly and shallow stuff.

Yes this is "Just a Comic book" and a Deadpool title at that. I just want something worth reading involving a character that has only lightly been used as a dynamic character with depth. We're 33 issues in and the best character development we've had over the last few years were from X-Force and only 4 panels, but it was more involved and more thought out than the entirety of Way's run so far.

Pick it up if you're trying to stay current, which is why I read it, or if you really enjoy old, uninspired jokes and violence against people/creatures that you have no connection or feelings for. Uninvolved settings are GREAT for new readers!

Reviewer: CardCaptorDeadpool
Score: 4/10
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Deadpool in space, Deadpool does random shit, kills some guy, gets married and a little bit of me dies as i see Way slowly continue to degenerate Deadpool from the character i loved into this idiot called Deadpool with two voice boxes.

You know the worst part other writers appear to consider this interpretation of Deadpool as being more canon than how Fabien and Joe wrote him and accordingly try writing him as this Deadpool.

I think the only saving grace left is the art and whie i like Carlo's stlye and details i do preffer Paco or Bong on the title!

So as Deadpool's sales dip more and more each month Im sure Marvel will try injecting desperate life into this seriesby re numbering it or a super gimmick like zomg Cable and T-Ray or some desperate shit. Or even if were lucky enough Way's!


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