Gerry Duggan on the Future of Marvel NOW! Deadpool

On the Deadpool Bugle Forums a user posted that they were seeing multiple people claim they were dr...

On the Deadpool Bugle Forums a user posted that they were seeing multiple people claim they were dropping the new Marvel NOW! Deadpool series after issue #6. Deadpool co-author Gerry Duggan joined the forum to respond, giving some details about what to expect in the future of the series. [SOURCE]

WARNING: Contains spoilers
NOBODY should go anywhere.

A) Tony will be returning.
B) After issue 7, comes issue 8 and with issue 8 comes a much darker tone, and the beginning of what I hope will be a fun mystery that goes allllllll the way back to the beginning. The script for issue 14 is I think, our best issue yet and begins a whole new trial for Deadpool.

Anyone wishing for "a more serious" Deadpool should especially stick around, as I think they will enjoy the next two arcs very much.

Preston is not just around to be "another voice" although - she obviously will be for as long as she's in his head. We're using her to explore who Deadpool is a bit, and Mike Hawthorne is drawing his fucking nuts off so if you're a Deadpool fan, I really think you like this new arc. There are some really amazing visuals that turned out a million times better because Mike put some real love into those pages.

Deadpool makes some pretty...unpleasant decisions too... Now, comedy is not going out the window, but it's going to be a darker setting for sure, but -- more gallows humor. With Tony, we did the big broad comedy that we wanted to.

As most of you know, issue 7 is a one-off issue drawn by Scott Koblish - and I'm delighted with what we got away with murder in the issue. It's a straight-up period comedy. It's the first issue without Tony, but it's also going to sell out because Iron Man/Stark is only one of many 616 guest stars.

I want to thank you all for giving us the benefit of the doubt - and making #MarvelNow Deadpool a hit. Whatever "your" Deadpool is, I think you're going to see him in our first year -- but I implore you to give Hawthorne a chance because he's Tony's hand-picked artist to follow him on this arc, and this book is going to make him a star. If anybody gets to end of issue 8 and wants off this crazy ride, fine, we were never going to please you. And 9 is Deadpool's Kobayahi Maru test. So there you go, I said my peace -- I think anybody that says they're out after Tony will be back and they'll be pissed the issue is not being pulled for them anymore. I'm probably preaching to the choir in this forum, but I thought I'd mention my remarks here on the off chance that somebody is leaving because Tony is taking a break.


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