Deadpool #3 Reviews

A big thanks to Deadpool Bugle reader Tom for finding the reviews. CBR Daniel Way has a gift here, and he makes this character practicall...

A big thanks to Deadpool Bugle reader Tom for finding the reviews.

Daniel Way has a gift here, and he makes this character practically jitterbug off the page. The talented artwork of Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Marte Gracia goes a long way to making this issue even more excellent, so yeah, this is now a buy-on-sight series.

IGN - 7.6/10
While I don't ever expect the plot to supplant the spectacle in terms of importance on this title, anything would have been better than the nothing we received. In the end though, I had fun reading this issue and arc. Hopefully and overarching story will come into play, but I'm not counting on it.

Comics Bulletin - 3.5/5
The character walks the line between referencing a Queen song to killing a living being without remorse. He's a comedian who literally kills his audience. And honestly, it's the best routine in town.

I have never been as surprised to read a book as much as I have for the second volume of Deadpool. The "Merc with the Mouth" really lives up the dehydrated title we have given this character in the past. To say that Daniel Way has done a great job NOT tying in the Secret Invasion letdown would be an understatement.

ComicNewsi - 3/5
What a difference a few issues can make. Part 1 of Danny Way’s Secret Invasion crossover was as close to unreadable as a comic can get. Two issues later and we have a satisfying story, which while still suffering from as few cringe worthy panels, is at least worth the paper it’s printed on.

Review Busters - 9/10
Secret Invasion tie-ins are either real good or real bad. Deadpool has put tie-in issues back on the map. One of Us is one of the best reads the Secret Invasion has seen in awhile. Deadpool is back and Marvel needs to thank him for making the Secret Invasion good again.

Way continues to prove he was born to write this title. He really has a grasp on the trademark humor Deadpool is known for coupled with moments of action and possible overarching intrigue.


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