Deadpool #8 Reviews

Below is a collection of reviews for Deadpool #8. Big thanks once again to Tom for collecting reviews. CBR "It's a cute issue, b...

Below is a collection of reviews for Deadpool #8. Big thanks once again to Tom for collecting reviews.

"It's a cute issue, but it only tells half a story, relying too heavily on hallucinations and continuing into the next issue of "Thunderbolts." Not bad, but shoulda been a "read."

Comics Bulletin - 2.5/5

"If you're looking for a fight with the Thunderbolts in this issue, just keep moving. Maybe you should just wait until the next issue of Thunderbolts for the actual fight. If you enjoy the character of Deadpool and the crazy jokes--and there are a few that are good in this issue--then you'll somewhat enjoy this issue. Basically unless you are a diehard Deadpool fan, you can probably skip this issue."

"This is my favorite issue of Way’s run thus far, and from a pure fun factor, one of the most entertaining issues of any title I’ve read in some time. Every issue of Deadpool is a book about a deadly assassin, but yet it is still able to cast a convivial atmosphere."

IGN - 7.6/10
"Most of Deadpool's charm these days - and any day after 1992 - stems from his constant yammering, and Daniel Way has a fairly good ear for it. Make no mistake, this issue isn't side-splitting, doubled-over funny (or really even funny enough to make me laugh out loud), but it's amusing enough to carry what amounts to textbook building infiltration, and make it feel exciting and fun."

Comic Fodder
"I can follow the rest of the story in Thunderbolts without having to worry that I am missing anything in the next issue of Deadpool. The only attraction for this book is for its humor, and Mr. Way cannot write humor. There were more laughs in Agents of Atlas."


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