Deadpool #15 Reviews

Huge thanks to Tom for collecting these reviews. IGN - 7.8/10 "Way certainly has a lot to live up to in the humor department, but at...

Huge thanks to Tom for collecting these reviews.

IGN - 7.8/10
"Way certainly has a lot to live up to in the humor department, but at the same time I hope he's able to raise the bar in terms of characterization."

"Overall, good read. It reminded me of the beginning of Cable & Deadpool, the character actually has some depth to him and I cant wait to see where it goes. Pick this one up!"

iFanboy User Reviews (2 Reviews)
"But what is crazy about this inside look at the merc was this: This is the most serious, psychological look for the character since.....well ever I suppose."

"This series has really leveled off (in a good way) so that people either love it or don't care about it. And I'm ok with that. I love it."

Weekly Comic Book Review - B+
"While I’m not quite excited about the destination, getting there should be a pretty cool ride if Deadpool #15 is any indication."

comiXtreme - 4.5/5
"Like I said, this is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier about it, because Way hits the right emotional note without losing even a little bit of humour territory. It seems like Deadpool is on the racks three out of every four weeks lately, but this is the one that is a real good read. Accept no substitutes."

Of Mercs and Mutants - 4/5
I love this creative team when they get it right and they got it right in this issue. I look forward to this new storyline especially after the last two (yes i'm including the Bullseye storyline in my disappointment list). The art is great and i want more of it.


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