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The Weekly Crisis Some good, some bad stories within this book. If you are a Deadpool fan, this is a must read as there are plenty of gag...

The Weekly Crisis
Some good, some bad stories within this book. If you are a Deadpool fan, this is a must read as there are plenty of gags and jokes to keep you busy. For everyone else, I don't think this is the best version of Deadpool to present, so I can see why people might not like it or understand the cult following this character has developed.

Comics Bulletin - 3.5/5
Marvel has outdone themselves with this book but as an aside I would love it if they scaled back Deadpool's exposure a bit so that we can savor the character instead of having to go through what will be the eventual backlash.

ComiXtreme - 3.5/5
t’s hard to judge this comic on the whole, as it is made up of so many different parts. None of the shorts fails utterly but only two are really great. I think it’s a worthwhile buy, though, if you’re into Deadpool. If not, you’ll likely be put off by the alternate interpretations of the character, and also you’re probably not reading this.

IGN - 8/10
As I said, no story in this collection is outright terrible, and if you're a fan of Deadpool, you'll find a lot to like. There's also a fair amount of appeal for casual fans looking to get on the Deadpool bandwagon but may be put off by the deluge of recent material.

Comic Haven
It was decent. Some stories were hit or miss, some were written good, some had shitty artwork. I liked it enough to write this long review. It’s just that Deadpool seems to work better if he has more context, not just these super short stories.

Weekly Comic Book Review - C+
Deadpool #900 is a great value, but none of the stories in the book fall under the “must read” category. Pick it up if you are a fan of the character.

Giant Killer Squid
So, there were some real gems in this issue but it ended flat. Even though there is NO mention of chimichangas, I think it’s worth the money. I’m always happy to see Liefeld’s Wade T. Wilson and even with the downer moments, I’m still leaving it with a smile. That, and I think the mud-flap girl cover is awesome. So, go. Buy it. Zero continuity but fun stories nevertheless.

Gregor's Comic Book Review - 3/10
Most of this issue was just pointless murder and cruelty with a smile, which is what wade does well. It's tolerable when the art is good and writing is clever. But this issue is just juvenile. I'm sure there will be many teenagers that will enjoy this one.

The Flick Cast - 9/10
Here’s the thing: Deadpool is one of the most complex characters to ever grace the pages of a comic book. To attempt to make sense of him is no different than a dog chasing his tail, which ‘Pool himself has attempted to do, naturally. Having said all that, this monstrous-sized issue is about as close as you’ll ever get to unraveling the enigma that is Deadpool, and that is why this is the Pull of the Week.

iFanboy User Review
All in all it was spotty, but okay. I laughed about as much as I groaned and liked it enough that I wouldn't be opposed to reading more Deadpool, but jeepers was this long. It took me three sittings to get through the whole thing. Is it possible that this was almost too much comic?


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