Deadpool #10 Reviews

HUGE thanks to Tom for once again collecting Deadpool reviews. CBR "'ve got another kooky issue that hits just the right n...

HUGE thanks to Tom for once again collecting Deadpool reviews.

"'ve got another kooky issue that hits just the right number of laughs, has just the right balance of plot and action and has both excellent art from the Paco Medina/Juan Vlasco/Marte Gracia team but a spandex-tight script from Daniel Way. Excellent!"

IGN - 7.8/10
"It's a good start to an arc. I just hope Deadpool's shtick of running and gunning with Osborn's goons doesn't grow stale."

Bookspot Central
"Deadpool remains a monthly dose of that glory we used to feel when we heard "Finish Him". He's that monthly joke that never gets old. No matter how many respawns."

Weekly Comic Book Review - C+
"Deadpool #10 is solid, but it’s not nearly as strong as some of the issues that came before it. However, I won’t lie; the small fight between Deadpool and Bullseye left me itching for more."

"As long as this fight with Bullseye stays entertaining, and the jokes keep on coming; then I'll be enjoying myself with this three issue arc."

"I think this is a very good issue." "Fantastic." "Really solid and enjoyable." - 8.8/10
"his book is always a nice break from the serious tone of most mainstream books, and never ceases to deliver a good chuckle for me every issue."

The Pull List Comic Reviews
"The interesting thing is that Bullseye is pretty funny himself, in a very sick kind of way. The back and forth between the two makes the interaction feel something like the Odd Couple on acid."

The Hachiko - 3.5/5
"It wasn't a great all-around issue, but it was still funny enough to recommend, and with two of my favorite current characters – Deadpool and Bullseye – looking to continue their battle next time, it's a can't miss book for me."

comiXtreme - 4/5
"Instead of working in typical 5- or 6-issue arcs, Way has separate but connected segments that I find to be quite intriguing, and rare in the far more TPB-concerned market.

Which I guess is my way of saying buy this book on the stands. You won’t regret it. And may Bea Arthur rest in peace."


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