Deadpool #13 Reviews

Big thanks to Tom for collecting these reviews. ComicVine - 2/5 "I was astounded by the fact that Merc with a Mouth #2 was so much b...

Big thanks to Tom for collecting these reviews.

ComicVine - 2/5
"I was astounded by the fact that Merc with a Mouth #2 was so much better then the standard book. I thought Issue #1 was only okay. But this month it completely flipped.

Make the book good again Way, or you'll lose the fan base you somehow built."

ComiXtreme - Story: 4/5, Art: 2.5/5, Overall: 3.5/5
"I’ve been enjoying the series so far, and I liked this issue. It was funny at parts, but was pretty lightweight fare. I’m just wondering how far into the deep end Way is going to go before he starts to sink."

Line of Fire Reviews - 4/5
"Way's ultra-competent and quite mad take on Deadpool is ripe with story possibilities and most importantly funny. My only regret is that the title isn't Bullseye and Deadpool."

ING - 7.5/10
"[W]riter Daniel Way is able to celebrate making it through the twelve issue trial period without cancellation by taking the title character back to his more absurd roots to hilarious fashion. Now only if the art could keep up its end of the deal…"

The HomeWorld - B
"All in all Deadpool #13 does a great job of being a entertaining read. If you turn your mind off and forget the fact that it’s certainly different from the first 12 books, you’ll find yourself laughing along with every page."

"I love this series. It's stoopid (sic). Teh (sic) stoopidist (sic again) comic around. Daniel Way writes this stuff as fun for kids of an advanced age, but with their humour in the toilet bowl. Shawn Crystal has a good eye for a funny visual."

ComicVine - 3/5
"While the writing was good, the art, as I've said, was not up to the level Paco had in the first 12 issues."

iFanBoy (5 reviews)
"So you got Deadpool as a pirate and a new artist who is actually pretty good. This is probably going to be a nice two issue slice before we get into another heavy arc."

The Comic Book File
"My final word…Daniel Way BITE ME, I promise to be nice again when you are and write me a decent Deadpool book."


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