Deadpool #7 Reviews

Big thanks to Tom for once again collecting reviews. Bookspot Central This is a very solid issue that could easily have felt like the ov...

Big thanks to Tom for once again collecting reviews.

Bookspot Central
This is a very solid issue that could easily have felt like the overextended back-end of a story treading water with Tiger Shark for too many issues.

IGN - 7.9/10
Towards the end of the run of Cable & Deadpool, I had started to tire of the character. Deadpool had become a shell of his former self in terms of characterization. More importantly though, it just wasn't funny, which is a death nail for any series that relies on humor so heavily (especially after Cable's "demise"). Enter Daniel Way, who has breathed life into a previously stale product.

Flawlessly weaving a massive 'Die Hard' joke throughout another wacky and action-packed issue, Daniel Way and Paco Medina deliver an enjoyable jaunt that sets up the forthcoming Thunderbolts/Merc with a Mouth crossover.

Comics Bulletin - 3/5
Deadpool is Daniel Way's excuse to keep in touch with his inner 14 year old; over the top cartoon violence, cornball humor, and just silly down to its core. It is also one of the few comics where the humor doesn't feel forced and out of place. I wouldn't say everyone will enjoy it; (some folks take their comics a bit too seriously) but "Deadpool" has laughs, action, and a sense of fun - elements that make for great entertainment.

Comic Pants
The weakest issue yet. Way still gets to crack a few jokes of note but for the most part, the dialogue felt a little lackluster and choppy. Medina’s art still has that energetic kick to it, as does the notion of Deadpool fighting Tiger Shark still sound cool. I’m just hoping that this downturn doesn’t continue, as up until this point, Way has really been selling this as his best work to date.


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